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Death Grips

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* Update
Zach shot me the link earlier today and it’s already making the rounds so here it is:

Death Grips – Exmilitary

01 – Beware
02 – Guillotine
03 – Spread Eagle Cross the Block
04 – Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)
05 – Takyon (Death Yon)
06 – Cut Throat (Instrumental)
07 – Klink
08 – Culture Shock
09 – 5D
10 – Thru the Walls
11 – Known for it
12 – I want it I need it (Death Heated)
13 – Blood Creepin

Death Grips is a project by Zach Hill and some homies out of Sacto. I ended up bustin’ some cuts/sounds on some last minute shit the day before it was to be mixed. Not sure how much of my stuff is gonna end up in the final cut, but regardless of that, check for this mixtape style album to drop on 4/27 entitled Exmilitary.
From the stuff I heard, shit is bananas.

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Our buddies Cubic Zirconia have a new video out for the song “Night or Day”.  Check it!

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Sup, so this meal is mad quick, from the time you start cutting up the swine ’til you sit down to bash is like less than an hour and a half. There isn’t much to it either but its tasty as fuck! Peep the ingredients:

1- package of pork (usually you can find a ‘pork for stew’ type joint)

2-cans of salsa verde (herdez and embasa are most common, I use one of each. Herdez seems more mild to me.)

1-can of diced green chiles

1-corn starch


1-pinch of sugar

So basically if you buy the ‘pork for stew’ package, you still might need to cut up some odd sized pieces here and there, you want them pretty much the same size so they can brown evenly.

Brown pork in a good sized pot w/a bit of oil. This is important though, don’t crowd the pot with the pork or else they won’t brown too good, they will end up just kinda steaming. So, you might have to make a few passses. Brown some, then remove brown the next batch, remove and so on.

After pork is browned, the pot will probably have brown bits and tasty crap all stuck to the pot..deglaze that shit with some chicken broth or water, then throw the pork back in the pot, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Now all you do is throw in the cans of chili verde and dice green chiles in the pot, then using one of those empty cans, just add like two cans of water and stir. (one of these days though I will take the time to make the green chile from scratch.)

Once again I’m out of fucking tomatoes but if I had one I’d cut up some tomato and throw in the pot for extra flavor and color. Bring this shit to a boil then turn down heat and let simmer.

Let simmer for like 30-40 minutes or so, then taste/check pork. Pork should be nice and tender, if not let simmer longer. Here is where you can add a bit of corn starch to thicken if you like (half a tablespoon or so), also add maybe a teaspoon of sugar to mellow out the bite of the chile verde a bit.

Now, depending on how hungry you are at this point, you can bash now or keep it on low heat and let it marinate for as long as you want!

Serve with white or Mexican rice, man oh man this shit is tasty as fuck!

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Here is a live mix that my buddy Dj Intel and I put together for Valentines Day this year.  It’s a chopped up live mix of tunes we were playing in 2010 to get the club jumping.  The first half is me and the second is Intel.  Some sloppy mixing on my part but fuck it.  Hope you dig.

Bromance: a mixtape by kool hersh and dj intel by djintel

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Welcome to my 2nd installment of CrookOne’s Quick and Easy check this one out. This is like mad comfort food, ya’ll. Chorizo and potatoes with a couple eggs thrown on top (and maybe a couple tortillas if you want). Aight the ingredients are very simple, peep ‘em below.

1 -Idaho potato

1- mexican style beef chorizo (Cacique)


1-green onions (I was out so I used chives this time)

1-mexican cheese to crumble on top

1-white or brown or yellow onion

Aight so start by peeling the potato and chopping up in fairly even pieces, so they cook evenly.

Get a pan big enough to fit the potatoes comfortably without them being all piled up on each other and shit, so they all get cooked.

While the pan is heating up I like to throw the potatoes in the microwave for like 2-3 minutes, it kinda speeds up the cooking process, I think, who knows. I thought I saw that on tv one time.

So when the pan is at a good heat (I got an old ass electric stove so I keep the heat at around 5),

put a little oil (neutral flavored oil like canola or saffola or some shit) in there then throw in

the potatoes add some salt and pepper to taste. After a few minutes they should be brown on one side, then turn each of those little fucks over one by one to brown on the other side.

In a separate little pan on medium heat, get the chorizo going. For this dish I use about a 1/3 of the package for the one potato. While that is going the potatoes should almost be done, this is when I chop up a little bit of onion and throw in with the potatoes.

I combine the chorizo and potatoes once I feel that the potatoes have a nice brown to them and are a bit crispy and pretty much done.

Then basically you cook until the chorizo is a little dark, you’ll start to see little black bits of chorizo here and there.

At this time I add just a little butter (optional, but at this point who cares just add the fuckin’ butter, we trying to get this shit crackin’!) to the same chorizo pan to cook the eggs.

Oh and all that little leftover chorizo in the pan will flavor and color the eggs nicely.

You can salt and pepper the eggs a little bit as well.

Cook the eggs for a couple minutes on one side then flip ‘em over for a minute or two making sure not to overcook, you don’t want the yolks all dry and shit.

Then at the last minute I chop up some green onions, put a little aside to top the potatoes at the end and throw the rest in the pan for just a minute or two, then you are done!

(Oh yeah, if I had some, I would have also added some chopped tomato to the pan at the very last moment. This adds some extra color and flavor and texture and all that shit, but I was out of tomatoes, no biggie.)

Plate it up and crumble some Mexican cheese on top with a little green onion…and get ta bashin’!

Holy crap this shit is good! I get happy every time I eat it. Serve with some tortillas if you want. I prefer corn but flour is cool too. Maybe a beer or some juice.

Bon Apetite, bitches!

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Put this edit style quickmix together yesterday on my lay over at DFW airport. Enjoy

Lisa Papineau – Rene Thomas
The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
The Knife – The Height Of Summer
The Beach Boys – Our Prayer
Nino Nardini – Tropical
Ice Cube – Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here
Roots Manuva – Witness Dub
Death From Above 1979 – If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It
Babe Ruth – The Mexican
Time Zone – The Wildstyle (Instrumental Mix)
Mz Bratt – Selecta (Greenmoney’s Brukussive Mix)

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